Membership of British Naturism introduced us to a local "swim" when we were soon introduced to a number of couples who also enjoyed beach naturism at a local "unofficial" beach on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast in South Wales.

We soon found a number of other beaches in the UK and to our surprise found that a number of these beaches could provide naturist enjoyment all the year round.

Naturism has now become a way of life which we now enjoy with many friends from all walks of life.

We now hope that this Website will help to broaden our naturist contacts throughout the rest of the world.

We have been practising naturists/nudists for many years with our first experiences of Naturism being on holiday in the South of France and the Greek Islands. Some years ago we decided to broaden our activities and became members of CCBN - British Naturism. Whilst we were not keen to become members of a Naturist Club, we thought that there must be many beaches in the UK where we could "weather permitting" enjoy naturism and improve our sun tans.

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A Toast to our naturist friends everywhere: RELAX NUDE!!!