Most Naturists developed their overwhelming desire to adopt the so-called "Clothing Optional Lifestyle" due to their need to get away, from the pressures and stresses of everyday life. Naturists believe that nudism is the ultimate way to completely ward off all of society's constraints by becoming a part of nature.

At a naturist venue, whether it is, the beach, a club, a resort or swim you are who you are, and everyone easily and gladly accepts you for that fact alone with no regard for vanity or social stature.

Basic Naturist principles could be defined as:

1.belief in the essential wholesomeness of all humans             and of the natural functions and activities that they               perform. 
2.belief in the naturalness of social life and consider                exposure of the entire human body to light and air                beneficial to one's health and spirit. 
3.belief in the right to practice social nudism, provided             they do not infringe upon the rights of others.

Most naturist clubs, resorts and swims are family oriented and generally place restrictions on single males entering without a female companion. This keeps the atmosphere controlled and keeps down the voyeurs and swingers (sex seekers) to allow families to enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere. Naturist beaches, however have no constraints, but are frequently patrolled to deter voyeurs and remove anyone causing a scene, making lewd remarks or engaging in suggestive behavior.

The most common problem women have toward a naturist environment is the fact that most think that only perfect 10's will be there and they will be embarrassed by other women. This is simply not the case. As in normal life only a few have an exceptional physical appearance and naturists view all people as beautiful. Just as everyday people, some may have physically attractive bodies and may be proud of them, but most have average physiques and no overwhelming desire to flaunt themselves. When visiting a naturist environment, it soon becomes apparent that human beings are not rated on a scale on one to ten, based on body type, but rather on individual merit. They feel that personalities shine while exterior features have very little meaning.

Nude recreation is becoming increasingly popular almost 
everywhere worldwide. 
We Naturists as most of us prefer
to be labeled, can be widely misunderstood but fortunately 
myths about our way of life continue to be dispelled through increased understanding.

Naturists go to resorts to relax and enjoy themselves. They enjoy the sun, wind, rain, and various optional recreational activities. They prefer to be away from the pressures of our modern world. Naturists contend that we are all people, no better by wealth nor worse by poverty. 

At a naturist site, you are who you are, and everyone easily and gladly accepts you for that fact alone with no regard for vanity or social stature. 

If you have a stressful life, Naturism may be the answer for you, we recommend it!

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