Whilst fully shaven bodies are still very much in the minority in the Naturist/Nudist world, partially shaven pubic regions are common. Shaving is also extremely common amongst are textile friends who find that latest fashions in swimwear and lingerie demand attention to the “bikini lines”.
The word smooth refers to the clean-shaven body. Many Naturist/Nudists drop their last piece of "clothing" - their pubic hair and are often known as “smoothies”! In fact a British Couple founded an international club in 1991 since taken over by a Dutch Couple. This club wanted to promote the ideal of a smooth and hairless body so making this barest of naturism more widely accepted. Furthermore the club offer members the chance of getting in touch with other members all over the world and a wide range of activities.

Many questions are asked as to the most suitable method of removing pubic hair and many products are offered on the market, however shaving both wet and dry appear to remain the most popular.

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